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Brands & Collaboration

TinyQ Chibi Figures Partner

Beholder Factory

Beholder Factory

​​Beholder Factory is a creative company based in Spain specialized in providing professional services for tabletop games and digital related content. They are designers, illustrators and sculptors ready to handle or participate in any game/toy related project. They started working on Scale 75 in the development of Fallen Frontiers the board game and Smog Riders chibi line of miniatures. Once they started as a company they developed the first Smog Riders board game along as many other different projects for companies like Raging Heroes, River Horse, Room 17, Ares Games and Coolminiornot among others.

TinyQ figures

TinyQ Chibi Figures

akara modeller

TinyQ Modified Cars Partner

Akara Modeller

akara modeller instagram

AKARA Modeller was founded by a modeller, who customise model cars by passion. The founder is a model car freaks who collect models and he tries to create something who never done before in 1:64 scale.


AKARA established in 2018 with a mission to craft faithfully and exquisite replicas of the original-based cars accessories and parts to the satisfaction of automobile hobbyists and collectors of all ages.


AKARA’s company committed to produce the best quality 1:64 scale models, accessories and parts in the market. AKARA brand products, the quality level is consistent and always of a high order. It accepts no compromise on quality.

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